Alexander S. Ireland

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Alexander Scott Ireland 1866 – 29 March 1932


A. S. Ireland of the Oakland team, who finished fourth in the road race, deserves credit for his plucky riding, he was the smallest rider in the race, his wheel being a 51-inch.

The Bicycle - F. D. Elwell is particularly proud of the basket of flowers he received "From the ladies to the lucky young man." - 29 Nov 1886, Mon The San Francisco Examiner

The records established at this meeting were the half-mile, by A. W. Allen of Los Angeles, in 1:22 1/2; one mile, by F. D. Elwell in 2:48 1/2; the two and three miles, by A. S. Ireland.

The Wheel in California

Edwin Mohrig, San Francisco, chief consul; J. Phil Percival, Los Angeles, vice-consul; Alexander S. Ireland, San Francisco, secretary-treasurer. Representatives - George H. Frost, Pasadena; Charles C. Moore, Stockton; Dr. Thomas L. Hill, Dr. L. N. Sandford, San Francisco. Dr. J. M. Curragh, San Francisco, representative San Francisco Bicycle Club; Representatives Bay City Wheelman - J. J. Bliss and Charles C. Moore, San Francisco. J. W. A. Off Los Angeles representative Los Angeles Wheelmen.

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889

"There were no paved highways in those days, in some places the best to be had was a macadamized road, but the jump between these stretches was far. The members picked by the Highland Park Wheelmen were J. P. Churchill, who rode a 56-inch diameter wheel; Alex Ireland, with a 54; Alex J. Rosborough a 54 and Frank Blinn a 52; while the Bay City Wheelman had selected a big and powerful-legged rider named Elwell, who rode a 58-inch wheel, (and as I remember Cooke, [Cook] Zeigler and Davis), each riding a 54. The general opinion seemed to be that Elwell would capture first place, but the Oakland boys figured that even if he did they could win on points. So the riders went away from Los Gatos to a good start and humping over the handlebars, got into the long grind. All went well as the big wheels pinged over a rock or a rough spot, until approaching San Jose, when Churchill, who was pressing Elwell hard, hit a rough spot and grounded. He waved all on, calling out that he was not hurt, and made his way to a watering trough to wash the blood out of his eyes, and then, though out of the race, came on to join at the fine banquet. When the jolly fine banquet was finished, Churchill, Blinn and Rosborough rode back to San Jose and then back to Oakland, making it 120 miles for the day,"

Big Wheels - Fifty-Mile Bicycle Race - The Knave - Sun, Nov 18, 1951 - Page 73 - Oakland Tribune