Clement Joseph Belloli

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Clement Joseph Belloli 1874–1900 BIRTH 1874 • California, USA DEATH 23 APR 1900

Brother of Joseph Belloli and T. E. Belloli


San Jose Road Club

The Pacific Road Club held a club run to Niles yesterday, going via Centerville. At Niles they fell in with some San Jose cyclists, and with these they visited the stone dam. On the return trip the San Jose boys went via the mountain road, [Calaveras? - MF] the Pacific Road Club members via Haywards.

Those on the run were: President A. T. Janzen, J. F. Hancock, E. S. Battles, J. C. Luby, George Hicks, L. L. Murch, A. Aiken, Thomas Colestock, J. Simmer, Albert Makison, C. Pomeroy, W. Grimes, R. Gilkey, C. Belloli, M. Lummers and G. Peterson.

Not a run, but rather a "climb and coast" - Mon, Nov 16, 1891, Page 3, San Francisco Chronicle

The present officers of the club are as follows: William L. Parker, president; C. A. Heppe, vice-president; C. J. Belloli, secretary and treasurer; W. E. Berry, sergeant-at-arms; J. T. Bailey, captain; O. Ziegler Jr.. lieutenant; A. M. Hobson, color-bearer; J. G. Minor, bugler.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Jose Road Club and Its Members. - General Interest in the Race Meets to Be Held To-Day - High Jinks in the Redwoods. - Mon, Jul 4, 1892 - Page 8 · The San Francisco Call

Scorers — L. W. Ripley, C. C. W.; A. L. Storey, B. C. W.; J. H. Hutaff, S. F. B. C.; C. J. Belloli, S. J. R. C.; J. G. Vidy, C. C. C.; J. Hazell, S. F. B. C.


Road racing committee — J. F. Hancock, S. F. B. C.; L. A. Lamory, Acme; C. J. Belloli, S. J. R. C.; R. M. Welch, S. F. B. C.; R. A. Smyth, A. B. and A. C.

San Francisco Call, Volume 73, Number 85, 23 February 1893 - RACING ON WHEELS - A Pacific Coast Record Broken.

Captain Belloli of the San Jose Road Club is quietly preparing to launch into road racing as soon as the weather becomes more settled. He is confident that his club will make a good showing in the coming relay race.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

Captain Belloli of the San Jose Road Club writes that the new clubhouse will be opened on the 15th of the month with appropriate exercises and all will pronounce the new quarters as convenient and cosy as any this side of the Rockies.

CYCLING NEWS AND COMMENTS. - Champion Ziegler's Teammates, Harbottle and Coulter, and Their Record as Racing Men. - The Czar of Russia as a Cycler. - The San Francisco Examiner, 12 Jan 1895