DIAMOND'S QUARTERS - Alameda Daily Argus, 09 Jan 1896

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Will Be Ready For Occupancy at the Next Meeting Night.

Election of Officers for the Ensuing Year - Description of the Improvements.

At a meeting of the Diamond Cycling Club held Tuesday evening at the home of David Greenleaf, the following new governing officers were elected, after a spirited contest, for the ensuing year: President, G. A. Rosenberg; Vice-President, H. W. Maass; Secretary and Treasurer, C. D. Hicks; Captain, David Greenleaf; First Lieutenant, E. R. Marriott; Second Lieutenant, George Middlemass.

By the time the next meeting night arrives, the Diamond Cyclers' new quarters in the Park Row will have been completed and ready for occupancy. A committee consisting of Robert Schlinghyde, Al Cummers and George Miller has been appointed to make arrangements in the way of an entertainment for the opening evening and already some good work has been done. The committee has had heads together frequently since the appointment, securing some of the best recitative, vocal and instrumental talent procurable in Alameda. The opening will be a memorable one.

A description of the new quarters will be interesting. They are situated in the northeast addition to the Tucker block facing on Santa Clara avenue, and occupy three rooms - club room, parlor and kitchen or training room. In the club room there will be a billiard table, a pool table and card table, besides a full complement of chairs and other furnishings. In this room there are two bay windows, which give a fine view of the street. The walls have been repapered in tasteful colorings and the wood work finished in cherry.

The parlor will have furnishings of antique oak chairs, lounges, divans and a piano. Upon the floor will be a Brussels carpet of unique design. No pains have been spared to make the parlor the cosiest of the quarters.

The remaining room will contain a range, which will be used at occasional entertainments, and a hometrainer. It will also be used as a storeroom for members' bicycles.

The "home trainer" is something of a novelty. With it a man who is in training can do his work at all times, being made principally for use when the streets are in bad condition. The rider places his wheel on the machine and mounting, rides for hours without gaining so much as the minutest part of an inch. Both front and rear wheels fit into a couple of rollers which turn as the wheels turn. It is said that a person can make a mile in much faster time on a home trainer than he can on terra firma. The machine for the Diamonds is being constructed by Messrs. Cummer's and Greenleaf.

Upon the stairs leading from the quarters of the club to the street there will be a rail run along which members desiring to ascend can push their silent studies. This will be one of the last of extensive improvements, and when everything has been put in order the Diamond Cyclers will have something to be proud of. A new emblem has been decided upon, too. It is a winged wheel with diamond over the wheel, the colors being red and white. It is similar to the Olympic Club emblem with the exception of the diamond.