Garden City Bicycle Club

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See also Garden City Cyclers, Garden City Wheelmen and San Jose Cyclers.


San Jose, CA



  • R. Bailey
  • J. E. Gibson
  • Al. Hyman
  • F. E. Shore
  • Dan Thornton
  • Ralph Wood
  • W. H. Wood

Bicycle Notes.

Three members of the Garden City Bicycle Club, a young but prosperous organization, W. W. Reed, Lloyd Moultrie and Walter Woods, made the trip to the Bay on Saturday, going to the city on the San Francisco side and returning on Monday on the Oakland side.

Two Santa Cruz bicyclists, Messrs. Young and Abraham, were in San Jose yesterday on their way to Sacramento and Stockton, in which part of the State they intend to spend a fortnight. They stopped last night at Washington Corners.

San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XXV, Number 155, 9 September 1884

Al. Hyman, R. Bailey and Captain Gibson, of the Garden City Bicycle Club, made the run to Gilroy aud back Sunday.

San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XXVI, Number 60, 18 November 1884

The San Francisco Chronicle has this important item: “The Santa Cruz Bicycle Club recently paid a visit to the Garden City Bicycle Club of San Jose, and among their number was Mr. McAfey, the Mayor of Santa Cruz." Such is fame! How do you do, Mayor McAfey?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11 Sep 1884

Bicyclists Coming.

ED. SENTINEL: - On Sunday, April 19th, Al Hyman, Ralph Wood, F. E. Shore, Dan Thornton, W. H. Wood, and perhaps more of the Garden City Bicycle Club of San Jose, will make the run to Santa Cruz, leaving this city at 8:30


SAN JOSE, April 16th, 1885.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 2, Number 4, 18 April 1885

There is a cycling revival going on at San Jose. The old Garden City Bicycle Club is being reorganized as a league club. To live in San Jose and own a tandem tricycle is the 'cycler's dream of happiness.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 12 Oct 1886