Garden City Wheelmen

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See also Garden City Bicycle Club, Garden City Cyclers and San Jose Cyclers.


San Jose, CA



version 1

version 2, 1897 -

Version 1 of the Garden City Wheelmen, 1887 - ?

Version 2 of the Garden City Wheelmen, 1897 - ?

Garden City Wheelmen.

SAN JOSE, Oct. 31. - The Garden City Wheelmen, successors of the Garden City Cyclers, held the first five-mile handicap road race today over the East San José course. Howard Buffington, whose handicap was 1m. 20s., won first place. Tony Delmas, scratch, went the five miles in 13:17, winning the time prize.

The Los Angeles Times, 01 Nov 1897


The Garden City Cyclers of San Jose went to the wall sometime ago in San Jose. They attempted too much in the construction of a wheel track, and insolvency swamped them. But the membership resolved upon reorganization, and a new club has just arisen out of the ashes of the old one, It is all due to the untiring efforts of such men as R. J. Butler, J. A. Desimone, and J. B. Lambkin. The name ef the new club is the Garden City Wheelmen, and the following are the officers:

President, J. B. Lambkin; Vice-President, Robert J. Butler; Recording Secretary, J. A. Desimone; Financial Secretary. H. L. Miller; Directors, George Osen, George Owen, Dr. F. Schumacher, Al. Hubbard, and Edgar Johnson. Committees: Recruiting - R. J. Butler and Tony Delmas. Club Rooms - R. J. Butler and Dr. Schumacher. A secret committee to pass upon applications for charter membership was also appointed.

The Record-Union, 19 Sep 1897