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The ninth was a hard ride past Hall's, Alvarado and Mount Eden over a miserable road and against a strong head wind. To give an idea how bad the conditions were Ulbricht, the Bay City man, who can negotiate ten miles under favorable circumstances in 25 minutes, could do no better than 33 min. 35 sec., and yet his was the best time of the relay - faster than the celebrated Olympian, Edwards, than the speedy Nissen, Acme, Downing Garden City, or Bates, Reliance, or crack riders.


There was more hard luck for the Garden City Club on the ninth. Downing, one of their best men, punctured his tire and lost considerable time for them. They were fourth at the beginning of the tenth. Edwards took the lead away from the Acmes, they being in second position.


Rider. Club. Time. Actual
1 J. E. Edwards Olympic 1:19:00 33:42
2 G. A. Nissen Acme 1:20:08 35:45
3 E. Ulbricht Bay City 1:20:48 33:36
4 H. Downing Garden C 1:21:48 37:25
5 Ted Belloli San Jose 1:25:24 34:44
6 C. D. Bates Jr Reliance 1:28:24 36:49
7 T. Farnsworth San Fran 1:30:48 37:35
8 J. J. Boree Imperial 1:31:12 35:19
9 R. Coulter California 1:31:24 35:44
10 F. E. Graham Alameda Did not finish.
Fastest time - 1894, 33:00; 1895, 29:19.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896