Harry Francis Terrill

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Harry Francis Terrill 1872–1925

Brother of William A. Terrill


Bay City Wheelmen

The present champions are well scattered through the various clubs. The quarter-mile record is held by H. Terrill, B. C. W., in 32 seconds, and was made at the electric light meet held by the Bay City Wheelmen in the latter part of August. Terrill is a strong, muscular rider, and has come forward as a racer only within the past year.

The Wheel in California, Overland Monthly Vol. XXII July - December 1893


Is a brother of "Bob," and has been racing in California for several years past. When Harry first commenced riding he was a wonder at short distance races and many times took the laurels from Ziegler by defeating or capturing that rider's records. He is an all-around athlete and was the Pacific Coast amateur champion oarsman.

AMERICA'S GREAT WHEELMEN They Will Ride on Woodland's Track To-Day 06 Mar 1897, Sat The Record-Union (Sacramento, California) Newspapers.com

M. Pognon thinks the Terrill brothers of this City, who went to France recently to race, will do well. "If they are not fast enough to compete with the best riders they can ride against the second or third best. Riders are graded over there according to their abilities, and a third-class rider in France will make more money than a champion in America. Why? Because there are more meets, the attendance is better and consequently the track managements can afford liberal prizes. "We will say next Sunday the Terrills want to race in France. Where will they ride? Well, let's see. Here is a meet at Marseilles, one at Bordeaux, one at Brussels, three or four in Paris, besides numberless road races. They can find out who is going to ride at each place, and then allot themselves where they think they will have a chance of winning, and not go up against Morin, Bourrillion, Revierre, Champion, Garin or those people, who, if they are not speedier, at any rate have the pacing teams and knowledge of the tracks down so fine as to be almost unbeatable."

THE WHEELMEN - Lucian Lesna, world champion, in Golden Gate Park - Cyclers' Rest - The San Francisco Call - 05 Jun 1897, Sat, Page 8

Charlie Wells, "Bob" Terrill and Harry Terrill of this city have not begun circuit chasing yet. Wells makes his home in New York and takes in all the meets roundabout for 200 miles or more, returning with his prizes won. Last week Wells and Harry Terrill won a tandem race from the best men in the country. Arthur Gardiner and his team mate, James Bowler, were in the race, but fell easy victims to the big Californians, who practically sprinted the mile, riding the distance in 1:55 4-5. Wells, aside from his racing, devotes some of his spare time to pacing the middle distance cracks. "Bob" Terrill is permanently engaged by one of the largest organizations here, and is captain of his team, which does pacing for Fred Titus and Edouard Taylore. Harry Terrill takes in all the roundabout meets and is fast making for himself a name, and very seldom loses out in securing a prize. His brother "Bob" does not engage in racing, at present, but as the season advances will in all...

Charlie Wells in New York Terrill brothers 02 Jul 1898, Sat The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Newspapers.com

Some Old Families

"The Stelling family lived near Dolores Street, then the Terrill's. Bob and ------ ? were members of the Bay City Bicycle Club and became well known among the bicycle racers, which was quite a popular sport at that time. ..."

Knave: Some Old Families Terrill, Bob & Harry of the Bay City Bicycle Club 23 Nov 1941, Sun Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Newspapers.com