Jesse F. Ives

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Distance. Winner. Club. Time. Date. Place
One-half mile D. L. Burke, Los Angeles W. 1.33 July 4, 1890. San José.
One mile District Henry Smith, Garden City W. 3.03 2-5 July 4, 1890. San José.
Five mile District Julius Smith, Garden City W. 16.58 3-5 July 4, 1890. San José.
One mile Safety J. F. Ives, Alameda Bi. Club 3.18 3-5 July 4, 1890. San José.
One mile D. L. Burke, Los Angeles W. 2.50 2-5 July 4, 1891. Stockton.
Two miles Safety Geo. Osen, Garden City W. 5.45 2-5 July 4, 1891. Stockton.
Three miles W. R. Lipsett, Garden City W. 9.58 Nov. 26, 1891. Oakland.
Five miles Safety Grant Bell, Oriental C. C. 15.35 1-4 Nov. 26, 1891. Oakland.

Bicycling in California in 1892 - The Overland Monthly, June 1892

Alameda is an ideal town for lovers of the wheel, and has now three large clubs, the Alameda, Diana and Diamond Cyclers, all of which had well-attended runs last Sunday. The Alameda Club went to Alvarado, while the other two clubs stopped at Haywards. The glories of the oid Alameda Club promise to be revived in its young namesake, which has secured handsomely furnished clubrooms on Park avenue. Jesse Ives, whom many an old-timer will remember, but who had given up riding for some time past, has caught the fever again and cast his lot with the Alamedas.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 27 July 1895