Mercury Cyclists

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Petaluma, CA


"an M, from the sides of which emerged the universal bicycle wings"


  • Lizzie Camm
  • Mrs. O. M. Campbell
  • Ella Cavanagh
  • Anna L. Codding
  • Georgie Graves
  • Daisy Gray
  • Mae Gray
  • Jennie Hamilton
  • Gertrude Hopkins
  • Lena Hall
  • Aline Kahn
  • Edith Lewis
  • Florence Mauzy
  • Laura Palmer
  • Jennie Pierce
  • Lena Ranard
  • Maggie Ross
  • Lena Steitz
  • Bee Zartman

A ladies' cycling club has been organized at Petaluma, which modestly commences with a membership of nine, but will doubtless flourish to much greater proportions shortly. The charter members are: Misses Florence Mauzy, Georgie Graves, Anna L. Codding, Lena Hall, Jennie Pierce, Lizzie Camm, Daisy and May Gray.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 27 Apr 1895

The Mercury Cyclists.

Fourteen enthusiastic lady cyclists met at the Wheelmen's Hall Tuesday evening and organized a regular cycling club to be known as the "Mercury Cyclists.” The meeting was called to order by Gertrude Hopkins, temporary chairman. The charter members are as follows: Lena Hall, Laura Palmer, Maggie Ross, Florence Mauzy, Georgie Graves, Gertrude Hopkins, Lena Ranard, Bee Zartman, Aline Kahn, Mae Gray, Lena Steitz, Anna Codding, Daisy Gray, Jennie Hamilton, Mrs. O. M. Campbell, Edith Lewis and Ella Cavanagh. The election of officers resulted as follows: Captain, Gertrude Hopkins; lieutenant, Jennie Hamilton; secretary and treasurer, Florence Mauzy, to hold office for the ensuing six months. By-laws were read and adopted and the third Tuesday night of each month we chosen to be the meeting night.

Petaluma Daily Morning Courier, 16 Oct 1895

Mercury Cyclists.

The regular monthly meeting of the Mercury Cyclists was held at Wheelmen's Hall Tuesday evening, the 21st., there being a large attendance.

It was definitely decided to give a Leap Year hop on the evening of February 14th, St. Valentine's day.

Several new members were admitted after which designs for a club emblem were submitted by several members for adoption by the club. One consisting of an M, from the sides of which emerged the universal bicycle wings, was officially adopted. It was designed by Miss Aline Kahn, a member of the club.

The Petaluma Courier, 29 Jan 1896