Outing Cycle Club

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San Francisco, CA

Emblem & Uniform


22 Aug 1887


Two new clubs were organized the past week, the "Outing Cycle Club” in this city and the Ariel Bicycle Club in Oakland. The latter is composed of the members of the former Oakland Ramblers.

The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Aug 1887

The principal bicycle clubs of San Francisco, Oakland, and vicinity recently organized the California Team Interclub Road Racing Association. The clubs in the association are the Ariel Club of Oakland, the Outing Cycle Club of San Francisco, the Garden City Club of San Jose, the Alameda Scorchers of Alameda, the Bay City Wheelmen of San Francisco, and the Oak Leaf Club of Stockton.

RACING WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 22 Feb 1888