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  • ...track was in excellent condition, but the weather was not up to the usual Alameda standard. The officers of the club had apparently trusted to luck, without 3:02 1-5. He was chased home by [[H. Hutchinson]] of the Alameda County Wheelmen. In the final and decisive heat Magill was also victorious, making the mile
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  • ==== Doings Among the Local Wheelmen ==== ...lub-and-the-fight-to-bring-a-national-race-to-the-wild-west/ Denver Social Wheelmen], is visiting in the city. He is not pleased with the roads, as he says the
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  • ...ard from in future events. Two of the members will be seen on the track at Alameda to-day, and will endeavor to carry the ivy leaf to the front. The present o ...eroy, lieutenant. The former president, Mr. Al Louis, has gone to Monterey County, and vice and lieutenant A. M. Hobson gave up his offices on account of bus
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  • ...lands-famous-old-time-boulevard.html the San Leandro road]. I met hosts of wheelmen going to and fro, but gazed in vain for some familiar faces. Memories of th ...he wheel. [[Harry Tenney]] was an expert all around rider, who hailed from Alameda, and who made himself popular with the young ladies in that village by inve
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  • ...heelmen, why not have a [[Northern California Division, League of American Wheelmen|northern division]] as well. The legal and journalistic fraternity are represented in the city of Alameda by active riders, the safety being the general mount.
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  • rather likes to have it put to this use, and is indulgent to the wheelmen. Every farmer will cheerfully turn out to give a racing rider full right of On May 30, 1891, the [[Alameda Bicycle Club]] promoted [[a most successful open race]], which was won by [
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  • of the California Division, League of American Wheelmen|the Bay City Wheelmen on July 4th]], promise to eclipse anything ever seen in the West in the way ...ext won the diamond medal given by the [[Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club|Alameda Club]] in a twenty-five-mile road race. Foster won his first track race at
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  • * [[Bay City Wheelmen]] * [[Petaluma Wheelmen]]
    8 KB (1,343 words) - 15:59, 7 March 2022
  • * [[Acme Wheelmen]] ...Foster, and how they flew over the ground, past San Leandro and along the county road, beside the electric road tracks. They aided each other by exchanging
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  • The twenty-five-mile road race of the [[Acme Wheelmen|Acme Club of Oakland]] was run yesterday over the [[San Leandro triangle]], ..., lieutenant. The former president, Mr. [[Al Louis]], has gone to Monterey County, and vice and lieutenant [[A. M. Hobson]] gave up his offices on account of
    6 KB (964 words) - 03:45, 5 January 2022
  • === AMONG THE WHEELMEN. === ...h are for amateurs only, have been entered mostly by the riders of Alameda County, the [[Acme]] and [[Reliance]] clubs in particular. The events and entrants
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  • Well Represented at the Electric Light Tournament at San Jose - Lots of Wheelmen Off on Tours. ====== riding early in 1891, and during that year conducted a bicycle store in Alameda. In 1892 he went into active track work and took everything before him, bei
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  • === THE WHEELMEN. === ==== Entries and Handicaps for the Acme Wheelmen's Road Race. ====
    15 KB (2,509 words) - 21:18, 27 December 2021
  • ==== Announcement of Races by the Alameda Club. - A Run to Mill Valley - The San Jose Track. ==== ...o gratify my long-cherished desire," said [[B. D. Bent]] of the [[Bay City Wheelmen]] last night. "For once, at least," he continued, "the best-laid plans of m
    11 KB (1,897 words) - 03:07, 30 December 2021
  • An organization of wheelmen that is rapidly coming to the front is the [[Pacific Road Club]] of this ci, the pace being made part of the way by several of the [[Alameda County wheelmen]]. The first prize, a handsome gold medal designed after the club emblem, w
    8 KB (1,452 words) - 02:39, 22 December 2021
  • * [[Palo Alto Wheelmen]] ...aller and Needham, who were crackerjacks at that time. This was on the old Alameda track, and Grant Bell finished in first position.
    8 KB (1,415 words) - 16:23, 11 January 2022
  • .... W. Donnelly]], San Mateo: [[C. J. Kryster]], Oakland: [[P. E. Haslett]], Alameda; [[George A. Morrill]], Livermore; [[R. G. Bailey]], San Jose; [[E. N. Radk ...ul [[E. N. Radke|Radke]]. They found the citizens very anxious to have the wheelmen visit them on the 4th, and willing to offer every facility except in the ma
    4 KB (728 words) - 04:14, 22 December 2021
  • ...n|G. H. Osen]], of the Garden City Cyclers, was won by W. F. Foster ol the Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club, Osen coming in a good second. B. C. Lund of the ...second. The fourth heat was a walkover for W. J. Edwards of the Palo Alto Wheelmen, none of the other men entered caring to compete with the diminutive Hercul
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  • [ Santa Clara County Biographies - ALPHONSE G. COL] * [[Garden City Wheelmen]]
    7 KB (1,167 words) - 19:54, 9 November 2021
  • [[The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 09 Jun 1890]] of last January by a combination of the old Cyclers and the Garden City Wheelmen. The new club has flourished from the beginning and has done much to sustai
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