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  • ...amage. The same party contemplates another trip next month as far as Santa Cruz.
    1 KB (205 words) - 15:16, 14 October 2021
  • ...sday night. Captain [[John F. Burke|Burke]] has called a club run to Santa Cruz, leaving the clubrooms next Saturday afternoon, May 4, at 5:80 P. M. ...led for Niles on June 16, as every one seemed more inclined to go to Santa Cruz. The run will doubtless come off the following Sunday, however, June 23, wh
    3 KB (542 words) - 16:50, 11 November 2021
  • ...the Angels. Great interest is felt in the approaching league meet at Santa Cruz, and the southern wheelmen will be largely represented. [[R. C. Woodworth]]
    1 KB (212 words) - 15:29, 28 December 2021
  • ...Club] were added to the committee. The plan of a three-days' camp at Santa Cruz is now being considered.
    7 KB (1,029 words) - 04:15, 4 November 2021
  • ...elay in getting it out, due entirely to the printer and engraver. At Santa Cruz the track is being kept in fine condition, the invitations for the [[hop]] ...ivision, League of American Wheelmen|the League meet for July 4th at Santa Cruz]] are partially completed, and the Committee of Arrangements may rest on it
    12 KB (2,054 words) - 21:17, 28 December 2021
  • ...set for their initial outing. On that date the club will journey to Santa Cruz, and will be the guests of the [[Pilot Wheelmen]] of that city during the c
    2 KB (241 words) - 13:55, 4 October 2021
  • ...Bay City Wheelmen have just returned from a week's trip through the Santa Cruz mountains. The roads they report a trifle dusty, but nevertheless a most en
    2 KB (268 words) - 02:49, 30 December 2021
  • ...t it as saplings. From Felton the lumber was shipped to the wharf at Santa Cruz over a narrow-gauge railroad. The "dump" at the end of the flume was at abo Old Santa Cruz...
    11 KB (1,997 words) - 04:47, 27 November 2021
  • ...Road Club]], [[Tribune Byclers]] [sic] and the [[Pilot Wheelmen]] of Santa Cruz. ...em leaving here Friday evening, riding to San Jose and going over to Santa Cruz Saturday morning with the Garden City Cyclers. Captain [[A. C. Thornton]] o
    5 KB (866 words) - 05:25, 22 December 2021
  • Wheelmen annual race, to meet on the 2d, 3d, and 4th of July]] at Santa Cruz.
    2 KB (275 words) - 04:49, 19 January 2022
  • ...e California Division, League of American Wheelmen|the State meet at Santa Cruz on the 2d. 3 and 4th of July]] are being vigorously pushed. In the course o [[Woodworth]], the champion of Southern California, will be at Santa Cruz. If he should succeed in defeating men like [[L. R. Larzelere|Larzelere]],
    7 KB (1,107 words) - 04:11, 22 December 2021
  • ...tends starting for a tour to San Luis Obispo about April 10th, through the Santa Clara and Salinas valleys. He intends to be gone about a week, returning by ...Division, League of American Wheelmen|the league meet to be held at Santa Cruz July 4th]], it is said there will be a bicycle camp.
    3 KB (467 words) - 04:00, 22 December 2021
  • ...tends starting for a tour to San Luis Obispo about April 10th, through the Santa Clara and Salinas valleys. He intends to be gone about a week, returning by ...elly and Lieutenant Knapp of the San Mateo Wheelmen, Consul Radke of Santa Cruz and some Eastern visitors from the Genesee Bicycle Club of New York.
    5 KB (880 words) - 21:13, 28 December 2021
  • ...annual meet of the California Division, League of American Wheelmen|Santa Cruz]]. Tourmaster [[Letcher]] has notified club captains and local consuls. No Third District - Alameda, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, 58.<br/>
    7 KB (1,119 words) - 04:12, 22 December 2021
  • ...nts have been made with the railroads for transporting [[wheels]] to Santa Cruz during [[:Category:July 4th, 1887 annual meet of the California Division, L ...California Division, League of American Wheelmen|the race meeting at Santa Cruz]]: One mile, novice; one mile, League of American Wheelmen, State champions
    10 KB (1,634 words) - 21:15, 28 December 2021
  • [[AMONG THE WHEELMEN. - A Cycling Trip to Santa Cruz - San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Jun 1895]]
    2 KB (280 words) - 15:43, 3 January 2022
  • ...- Camera Club Cyclists' Run - Byrne to Race in Portland - Racing at Santa Cruz. ===, [[San Jose Road Club]], San Jose: June 15th, [[Pilot Wheelmen]], Santa Cruz; July 4th, [[Riverside Wheelmen]], Riverside.
    10 KB (1,790 words) - 17:25, 21 February 2022
  • ...nd a half. On the following day they took a spin to Glenwood, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and on Sunday evening returned to the City. The new club is capt
    2 KB (368 words) - 17:58, 5 October 2021
  • ...lo Park, from which they wheeled to Saratoga by moonlight, riding to Santa Cruz yesterday via Bowlder Creek and Felton.
    2 KB (348 words) - 17:17, 21 February 2022
  • ...all the prominent races. One of his most notable performances was at Santa Cruz on the occasion of the first league meet July 4, 1887. [https://www.newspap
    3 KB (433 words) - 15:58, 10 October 2021

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