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  • The [[Bay City Wheelmen]] will have a [[club run]] to Redwood City and return on April 3d, and on the 10th they will have [[:Category:1887 ann The [[Bay City Wheelmen]] have procured a large store on Van Ness avenue, and are fitting
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  • ...Unless he is a Californian who knows, the stranger gazes on second growth redwood trees unaware of the diameter and height of the original trees that were th ...een cemetery and the extension on the hillside of Mission Santa Cruz was a redwood forest, so the Fathers for the rafters and wood needed in the construction,
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  • the end. The scratch men, [[Edwin Eggleston Stoddard|Stoddard]], [[Bay City Wheelmen]], and [[Jesse F. Ives|Ives]], [[Alameda Bicycle Club]], made a go ...he only representative, and a first-class one he was, too, of the [[Garden City Wheelmen]].
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  • ...ter a ride from Santa Cruz to Sacramento; by a photographer in the Capital City. animal. Portions of this rig were afterwards removed from the top of a redwood tree, but the buzzards got the horse.
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  • [[Bay City Wheelmen]] The Bay Citys held a club run to Redwood City yesterday, leaving here at 8:30 o'clock. The roads all the way were at thei
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  • LEAVING this city via the Sausalito ferry the wheelman enjoys a trip up the bay which gives h ...joyment of the trip. This part of the ride takes one into the heart of the redwood district and discloses many beautiful vistas, which cannot be had except in
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  • [[Bay City Wheelmen]] The opening run of the Bay City Wheelmen was a grand success, over seventy wheelmen participating. The line
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  • macadamized] streets lead to all parts of the city. Going to Berkeley on a cycle is a venture because the road is very dusty i ...that follows a long ride. Lamory and Watchers met the delegation from the city at San Jose, riding down on this side of the bay. They left here at 5 a.m.
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  • * [[Bay City Wheelmen]] ...rch 30th. Twenty members participated, riding down the bay road to Redwood City, where the run was dismissed by Captain Cook. Some of the riders went to Sa
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  • ...|Needham]]. It is not known what riders will carry the colors of the [[Bay City Wheelmen]], but [[Edwin Eggleston Stoddard|Stoddard]], [[Marshall]], [[Linc Captain [[Sanford Plummer|Plummer]] and [[Thomas H. Doane]] of the [[Bay City Wheelmen]] were over in Alameda county yesterday, scouring the county over
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  • ...rom any of the hotels. A general meeting of the committee was held in this city on Thursday evening last, and a report received from the delegation sent to Santa Cruz July 2d, 3d and 4th]], and the [[race meeting of the Capital City Wheelmen at Sacramento, in connection with the State Agricultural Fair, on
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  • ...n that is rapidly coming to the front is the [[Pacific Road Club]] of this city. It was organized on November 5, 1891, with the following charter members: ...performed on a safety by young [[James Ordway]], an amateur rider of this city. Seated on the front wheel he maintains the machine in an upright position
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  • ==== The Bay City Wheelmen Races. ==== ...elmen track at Central Park|Central Park]] under the auspices of the [[Bay City Wheelmen]].
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  • ...]] and [[George Faulkner]] rode to Santa Cruz, via [[Alma]] and [[Hotel de Redwood]], Wednesday of last week on [[pneumatics]], covering the distance in 10h. The [[Bay City Wheelmen]] hold open house for their lady friends next Thursday evening. Th
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  • ...e to assume that very few wheelmen will spend the national holiday in this city. ...ancisco Chronicle Sat Jun 29 1895 .jpeg|[[Garden City Cyclers]]|alt=Garden City Cyclers
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  • * [[Bay City Wheelmen]] <blockquote>At the semi-annual meeting of the [[Bay City Wheelmen]] the following were elected officers for the ensuing term: Presi
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  • ==== A Brief Sketch of the Garden City Cyclers. ==== a combination of the old [[San Jose Cyclers|Cyclers]] and the [[Garden City Wheelmen]]. The new club has flourished from the beginning and has done muc
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  • ...eels were again mounted and the journey to San Jose resumed. At the Garden City the dusty but hilarious wheelmen were met by the Oakland Bicycle Club and t [[BICYCLING. - Run of the Bay City Wheelmen and Other Speedy Clubs. - 22 Feb 1886, Mon The San Francisco Exami
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  • ...the meeting of the board of governors of the associated clubs held in this city on the 7th inst. Martin Espinosa, Edward Stack, J. A. R. Johnson, J. H. Bal ...raga valley and [ Redwood canyon]. A feature of this trip was the trial by Cox of attaching a heavy b
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  • The recent loss to the [[Garden City Cyclers]] of San Jose of their two racers [[Clarence Davis]] and [[Allan Jo W. P. Fuller] of this city, is in a fair way to be a shining light in cycling circles. He has been rid
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