The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Examiner, 21 Apr 1884

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The Wheelmen.

A new club, to be known as the Alameda Bicycle Club, is shortly to be organized.

A grand bicycle tournament and exposition, under the auspices of the Quaker City Bicycle Club, will be held at Philadelphia June 17th, 18th and 19th.

The result of the late 72-hour bicycle - horse contest at the Mechanics' Pavilion exceeded all expectations. The riding through the entire race was remarkably fast, Prince making two consecutive miles in 3 and 3:10, Anderson riding one mile in 2:45 and Mlle. Armaindo making a like distance in 3:15. Prince's riding the last five hours of the race was very rapid, 17 miles and over being about his average. At the end Anderson's horses gave out completely. Even "Brazy Jane" refused to respond as she had done during the earlier hours of the race. The score at the finish stood: Anderson, 1,071 miles and 4 laps; Prince, 549 miles 4 laps, and Armaindo, 523 miles 4 laps. Total for the bicyclists, 1,073 miles. This score beats all previous records for both horses and bicyclists in a similar race by over 150 miles. During the race Prince lost four pounds and Armaindo nearly as much. Only on the last night was there any attendance to speak of. Prince, Eck and Armaindo will leave for the East about the 1st of May.

T. Stevens, an English bicyclist, has advertised that he will cross the Oakland ferry to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock, to ride his bicycle through to New York. He says that if he gets through all right he will undertake the circuit of the world by overland route through Europe and Asia. It is no doubt sufficient to say that this proposed trip around the world will never take place, providing he does not consider "going through all right" riding on the cars or pushing his machine before him half of the distance. Morgan and Woodside leave New York on the 1st of May to attempt a similar expedition this way.

A communication has been received from F. F. Derrick, the mustang rider, in which the writer expresses his willingness to meet Prince and an unknown in a six-day bicycle vs. horserace, providing he can find backers. Derrick rode against Anderson, Leon and Peralta in the six-day horserace at the Bay District track several years ago.