Julian P. Bliss

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Julian Perrin Bliss 29 May 1872 – 6 July 1946


Chicago Cycling Club


Julian Pye Bliss, the subject of our colored supplement, has been one of the surprises of the year. He has been known for some time as a good rider, but even his best friends never accused him of being able to hold his own with the best riders in the country, but he has proven beyond question that he is just about as good as they make. He has followed the circuit all year and has met with most flattering success as a member of the Rambler team, and in point of wins has led all the other members of the team, and it is doubtful if there are more than two men in the country who have won more prizes than the "Little Zimmerman." He is twenty-one years of age. One of the most remarkable things about him, when his excellence as a rider is taken into consideration, is his diminutive size. He stands just five feet three inches high, and weighs a trifle over 120 pounds. He is at all times a perfect gentleman and a credit to the sport.