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Michael F Dirnberger 1874 - 1925

Michael F Dirnberger 2 NOV 1874, Buffalo, NY - 4 NOV 1925, Lancaster, NY


Since Thursday the principal topic of conversation among wheelmen has been the fact published that day exclusively in the CALL that W. A. Terrill, the crack class B racer, was to go East next week to compete during the racing season on the Eastern circuit. Terrill is known to be a phenomenal rider, and after a little experience as to the ways and means employed by Eastern men to win races he will be up in front in many a hot finish. He has all the necessary speed and endurance to cope with the best of them and will uphold the reputation of California racers to every one's satisfaction. Terrill is only 20 years of age, but is powerfully built, weighing 180 pounds. He has instructions to report to M. F. Dirnberger, manager of the Syracuse team, at once, so will leave here tonight. With Terrill and Ziegler on the Eastern circuit, and Bald and McDonald, who have become famous friends with every one whom they have met here, Californians will watch with interest the results of all Eastern races this season.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 04 May 1895

M. F. Dirnberger's mile record against time, flying start, paced by a quadruplet, of 1:45, made at Louisville on Wednesday, is a remarkable performance, and his two miles in 3:51 4-5 on Thursday is another evidence that the curly-haired Mike is in far better shape than when he visited us out here in the spring of 1894. These records will stand until the end of September now, as the league rules state: "No private record trials will be sanctioned between June 1 and October 1."

THE WHEELMEN - The San Francisco Call, 01 Jun 1895

There will be a big wheeling event in the East early next week, the occasion being the annual meet of the League of American Wheelmen at Asbury Park, from July 8 to 13. As there will be several popular Californians contesting with the Easterners the reports of the races will be watched with interest. From all accounts E. C. Bald of Buffalo seems to be the star class B rider on the National circuit this year, but he has to fight every inch of the way when he races against such men as Cabanne, Coulter, Ziegler, Dirnberger, Macdonald or Terrill.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 06 Jul 1895