Doings of the Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, 22 Jul 1899

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Doings of the Wheelmen.

The third annual relay race between the wheelmen of Carson and Reno, Nev., will be held on August 13. Each team has won a race and each is making special efforts to capture the event this year.

Joseph A. Ostendorf, a well-known dealer of Los Angeles, has been in the city this week on a business trip.

Charles Dietle, at one time a director of the Bay City Wheelmen, died recently. He was prominent in cycling affairs during the boom times.

S. B. Vincent is touring through Marin and adjoining counties on a vacation trip.

Ed O. Kragness and Lester Hammersmith of the Olympic Wheelmen are on their wheels en route for Southern California points.

The clubs are already making early preparations for the big twenty-mile team race in September for the Baker & Hamilton trophy. The Olympics now hold the cup.