Joseph A. Ostendorf

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Joseph Alphonse Ostendorf 5 August 1874 – 31 December 1926



J. A. Ostendorf has just been enrolled as a member of the Bay City Wheelmen.

THE WHEELMEN. - All Ready for the Great San Jose Meet on Friday and Saturday. - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1895

The four days' tour through Lake county, taken by members of the Cycle Board of Trade, under the leadership of President J. S. Conwell, proved one of the most interesting cycling trips of the season. The party took the train to Ukiah and worked their way to the Southward by easy stages. The principal point through which their journey led them after leaving Ukiah were: Laurel Dell on Blue Lakes, Lakeport, Lower Lake, Middletown; thence over Mount St. Helena to Calistoga, the wheel trip finally ending at St. Helena. Incidents of the trip were a twentyfive-mile ride in a launch on one of the lakes and several side trips in four-in-hand coaches. The wits of the party - R. C. Lennie and W. J. Kenney - kept everyone in high spirits. It was determined to make the outing an annual one for men in the trade, that for next year being already planned on a larger scale. The party included J. S. Conwell, Edwin Mohrig, R. C. Lennie, Joseph Ostendorf, W. J. Kenney and C. Christianson. The route taken was pronounced an ideal one for a short tour.

Olympic Wheelmen Name Officers. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Jul 1897

The Never Sweat Cycling Club will take a four days' trip through Lake County, starting Friday, September 3, and following the same route traversed by them with such joy about a month ago. The club is composed of members of the Cycle Board of Trade, and those who will probably compose the party will be President J. S. Conwell, Secretary James M. Hamilton, R. C. Lennie, Edwin Mohrig, W. J. Kenney and Joseph A. Ostendorf.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

Joseph A. Ostendorf of the Bay City Wheelmen, manager of the Lozier branch house here, was married last Wednesday, the 5th, at Delphos, Ohio, to a Miss Therese Weger. They will make their home in this city.

STARTERS ARE READY FOR THE ROAD RACE - The San Francisco Call - October 08, 1898

R. C. Lennie and E. Ross Lozier have returned from a business trip through Southern California. Joseph A. Ostendorf is expected back from the East about November 1 with a full line of 1899 Cleveland samples.

"SMOKER" OF THE BAY CITY CLUB TO-NIGHT - The San Francisco Call - October 15, 1898

Joseph A. Ostendorf, a well-known dealer of Los Angeles, has been in the city this week on a business trip.

Doings of the Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, 22 Jul 1899

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