Henry Carl Finkler

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AKA Carlos Manuel Henrique Finkler 1858/08/05, Sacramento, CA - 1931/12/17, San Francisco, CA

Married to Aileen Jane Finkler


San Francisco Bicycle Club

The first bicycle race ever witnessed in California was run under the auspices of the club at the old Mechanics' Pavilion in the latter part of 1879. It was won by H. C. Eggers, who made 525 miles in three days, and excited much interest. In August, 1880, the club joined the League of American Wheelmen and also adopted a uniform of gray and navy blue. In that same year H. C. Finckler, a member of the club, after considerable trouble, succeeded in demonstrating to the police of Los Angeles that he could not be prevented from riding his bicycle on the streets of that city. An important concession was obtained by the club from the Park Commissioners in March, 1881. This was the privilege, granted to members only, of continuing the ride from Strawberry Hill to the ocean beach - still, however, with severe restrictions as to hours.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Francisco Club and What It Has Done. - Results of Yesterday's Races - The Coming League Meet - Ladies Who Ride the Wheel. - The San Francisco Call, 25 Apr 1892, Mon - Page 8

Henry C. Finkler was one of the old-time champions riding under the colors of the San Francisco Bicycle Club. He first commenced racing in 1882-83, and during those years won all the prominent races. One of his most notable performances was at Santa Cruz on the occasion of the first league meet July 4, 1887. Here, in a ten-mile race, which was the event of the day, he set the pace for nine miles at a terrific gait, and was only passed during the ninth mile by Charles E. Adcock. Since that time Mr. Finkler has not raced much, but has devoted his time and energy toward encouraging others and to giving them the benefit of his experience.

THE CYCLING WORLD - OLD TIME RACING MEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, Sat, Jul 8, 1893