J. B. Lamkin

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John Brokenborough Lamkin 1862 - 1911


Starting at 4 o'clock yesterday morning the following San Jose wheelmen rode to Alameda, arriving at 8:45 o'clock: President Lamkin and Secretary Bothwell, of the Garden Citys; President Parker, Lieutenant Zeiglei [guessing Ziegler] and Secretary Belloli, of the San Jose Road Club, and Clare Marckres, unattached. The latter came to grief in trying to make the pace, but will be with his companions at the races.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Francisco Call, May 30, 1892

The present officers of the club are as follows: J. B. Lamkin, president; J. A. Desimone, vice-president; J. L. Bothwell, secretary-treasurer; board of directors - G. A. Morrill, Y. D. Hensill, Al Col, C. D. Smith, F. P. Black und E. Williston; C. N. Ravlin, captain; R. O. Summers, first lieutenant; F. S. Munn, second lieutenant; W. W. Feedham, bugler; J. A. Delmas, color-bearer.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - A Brief Sketch of the Garden City Cyclers. - Frank Waller Makes a New World's Record. - The Coming Century Run - Straight Spokes. - The San Francisco Call, Jun 13, 1892

The Garden City Cyclers have joined the California Associated Cycling Clubs and expressed their willingness to have the annual parade of the clubs held at San Jose, September 9. The Garden Citys have chosen the following delegates to the board of governors of the association: J. B. Lamkin, J. L. Bothwell and C. D. Smith.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - A Brief Sketch of the Capitol City Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, Aug 22, 1892