Jack Kitchen, Jr.

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Acme Wheelmen

It was these matches with the Olympics that gave the Acme Club its first standing in the community, and ever since that time the two clubs have held many an interesting tournament together. It was at one of these tournaments that Jack Kitchen of the Acme Club became the first champion the club ever had. He won from the Olympic Club the title of amateur heavyweight champion boxer of the Pacific Coast. Kitchen has held this title for about three years, and since that time championships have been liberally distributed among the club members, until now the walls of the clubrooms are literally lined with life-size photographs of champions, who have won fame in every branch of athletics, from tests of strength in gymnasium and field to feats of endurance in a swimming tank.

HOME OF THE FAMOUS ACMES - Born in a barn and matured in a Chinese wash-house, the Acme Athletic Club - The San Francisco Examiner, 02 Dec 1893


Jack Kitchen has been a wheelman for many years, but not until last May did he make his initial track appearance. In the novice race at the Midwinter Fair he won with ease. In cycling circles this is considered a remarkable feat. Many aspiring racers have been known to try as many as ten times before winning their novice. He has ridden in many road races and won several seconds and a third. Kitchen represented the Acme Wheelmen on relay 4, from Menlo Park to Mountain View, in the late 100-mile race, and his time was caught for the ten miles at 29:02. At the last election of the Acme Club he was elected to the position of captain of the wheelmen, this position also entitling him to a seat on the board of directors of the parent club. He is one of the best all-round athletes on the Coast, but at present he intends devoting his time solely to the advancement of cycling in his club. Kitchen is entered in the half-mile handicap and mile scratch, both class A events, in the Garden City Cyclers' race meet on September 10th, and is expected to make a good showing in the mile race.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Sep 1894

The officers of the parade followed, including the Grand Marshal, Captain Thomson [Thornton, I think - MF] of the Olympic Club, Judge Kerrigan, First Assistant Grand Marshal of the Bay City Wheelmen, and Jack Kitchen, Second Assistant Grand Marshal of the Acme Club, Oakland.


The Acmes of Oakland, commanded by John Kitchen, appeared with forty-five men wearing blue sweaters and white acorn club emblems.

NIGHT PARADE OF CYCLISTS. - THE TOURNAMENT. - Clubs and Counties Will Divide Time - The Championship. - The San Francisco Examiner, 17 Feb 1895

The Acme Club seems to have met a matrimonial wave. Kitchen, Cook, Shanley et al. have within a little while past joined the matrimonial ranks, and now one of its oldest members has folded up his single tent like the Arab and quietly stole away.

Oakland Tribune 26 Jan 1898 Sporting News - bike path to San Jose - six-day race - bicycle notes - acme

Flocking from all parts of the state between 80 and 100 athletes of former times will gather to talk over the days when John Kitchen, Billie Gallagher and Jim Fox, all members of the club, were heavy, welter and lightweight amateur boxing champions of the Pacific Coast and when the Bay City Wheeling club was defeated in a 100-mile bicycle relay face from San Francisco to Oakland.

Acme Athletic Club reunion - Dimond Canyon - "old road" - Oakland Tribune, 16 Aug 1925

Kitchen, Veteran Amateur Boxer, Dies

Jack Kitchen, well-known Oakland amateur boxer at turn of the century, died last night in a Novato rest home. He was 94. Kitchen, a state amateur light heavyweight champion, served as boxing instructor of the Acme Athletic Club here and developed numerous topflight amateur fighters.

Jack Kitchen obituary Acme Athletic Club 23 Jan 1959, Fri Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Newspapers.com