ON THE WHEEL. Interesting Races at Haight-Street Park. - San Francisco Chronicle, 24 Jul 1891

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Interesting Bicycle Races at Haight Street Park.

Only a small number of wheel enthusiasts witnessed the bicycle races at the Haight-street baseball grounds last evening. The events, though only two in number, were very interesting. In the first run of one mile for safeties only there were nine entries. G. Alcayaga and P. Brown of the Razzle Dazzle Club started fifteen feet behind the scratch and allowed handicaps as follows: A. Deitle, Razzle Dazzle Club, 45 feet; L. Vidy, Razzle Dazzle Club, 50 feet; P. Breon, unattached, 55 feet; Goodell, unattached, 70 feet; Becket, unattached, 80 feet; T. Hall, unattached, 90 feet. They finished in the following order: Alcayaga. Deitle, Vidy and Brown, with the others straggling. The first prize, a pair of trousers, was awarded to Alcayaga, and Deitle was given the second prize, a pair of new shoes. Time, 3m. 8s.

The second race was a half-mile dash for an ordinary and two safeties. J. Liebert, D. Marshall and T. C. Dodge entered. Liebert, who rode the ordinary, allowed his opponents twenty yards. They finished in the following order: Marshall, Dodge, Liebert. Time, 1m. 35 1/2s.