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To "pocket" a bicycle rider in a race is to surround them with other riders, so that they have cannot change their position or accelerate. synonym: "boxed"

Prejudice Against M. Taylor.

There was appeared to be much prejudice against Major Taylor, the colored lad, either because of his color or because of his speed. This prejudice has increased visibly since his recent wonderful feat, when he made a new world's record. The riders in his class are both jealous and afraid of the negro when he is in a race, and they generally "team it" to "pocket” him, and thus manage to keep him "pocketed" and give somebody else an opportunity to spurt and win out in the finish. This was done at the recent L. A. W. international meet at Montreal. He was pocketed in the two mile professional and had to run around the bunch and take the outside, going down the stretch. He spurted and managed to beat them out and crossed the wire a length ahead. The spectators went wild with enthusiasm and applauded Taylor. In the five mile race some one put a pin in his tire and he noticed it just as he was about to start, but could not change his wheel in time and was compelled to ride 2 miles on a flat tire, then he retired and later refused to ride the English champion because of his unfair treatment. He was also boxed in the mile, but managed to round the bunch and finish a dead heat with Tom Butler, but the referee awarded the race to Butler. The grand stand hissed and hooted the referee and called for another heat, but the referee was firm and would not have it that way.