The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Aug 1887

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The Wheelmen.

The Sacramento Club has decided upon Wednesday, September 21st, as the date for its races, which will consist of the following programme: One mile novice, one-quarter of a mile dash, 2-mile handicap, 1-mile seratch, 5-mile handicap and 2-mile club handicap.

The "smoker" of the Bay City Wheelmen takes place Saturday, September 3d. After the dancing party, which is set for the 23d of September, it is the intention of the club to hold a monthly hop in the clubrooms, limited to members.

A two-mile handicap bicycle race, open, is on the programme of the "Harriers" for September 9th. It is hoped that a liberal entry will be received.

W. A. Illston won the English five-mile championship, making the third he has won this year. He got cramps in the fifty-mile championship race and withdrew at the thirty-first mile.

Two new clubs were organized the past week, the "Outing Cycle Club” in this city and the Ariel Bicycle Club in Oakland. The latter is composed of the members of the former Oakland Ramblers.

The league run to Haywards yesterday was a success beyond all expectations. In point of numbers it did not equal the run in honor of Stevens, but it made up in other ways. The day was a trifle warm, which was offset by the condition of the roads which were as near perfect as roads in this country ever become.

The Chief Consul set a hot pace to San Leandro, but the riders seemed to enjoy it, as they wanted him to keep it up. Two stops were made before Haywards was reached, about 12 o'clock. After dinner the medals won at Santa Cruz were distributed, when Chief Consul Welch added fresh laurels to his reputation as an after dinner speaker. It was chiefly through his labors also that all the medals were ready for distribution. George J. Hobe responded to the toast of the "Racing Men,” in his usual happy style; while the quartets of the Bay City Wheelmen and San Francisco Bicycle Club discoursed sweet music during the ceremonies. The return home was made in a go-as-you-please style; some scorching, others riding comfortably and inspecting the fruit from various orchards.