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Olympic Club Wheelmen

These honored bicyclists were Herman C. Eggers, who rode a wheel on which he won medals in 1878, and Herman wore the medals to prove it; Dr. Thomas L. Hill, an old Bay City Wheelmen stand-by, and Robert Russ, a pioneer of the Olympic Club Wheelmen. Behind them came others, old but on more modern wheels. Judge Frank H. Kerrigan, James W. Mullen, Wilbur Knapp, Tony Delmas, Walter Foster, Walter Fawcett, George Tantau, Emil Languetin, "Trilby" Fowler, A. D. Plughoff, Charlie Howard and others of that vintage too numerous to mention, plugged along as they did twenty years ago. Behind them came riders of all sizes, ages and mounts, ranging in age from little Frankie Carroll, son of the director general of the day, to "Pop" Hopkins, [Must be C. C. Hopkins. -MF] who wore false whiskers to hide the wrinkles in his face. Jack Leavitt, accompanied by Mrs. Leavitt and a troupe of little Leavitts, rode side by side and brought out a big burst of applause when the procession passed in front of the grandstand in the stadium. A swarm of present day clubmen formed the rear guard.

Over ten thousand people jammed the stand and both sides of the horse track, which had been put in fine condition for the contests. All kinds of bicycle riders were given a chance to show their speed. From Hans Ohrt, the national amateur champion, down to little 10-year-old Willie Fenn, who won the juvenile race and could hardly stand when he dismounted, every winner was greeted with uproarious applause, but the real events of the day were the oldtimers' races.


There was a time when a contest in which Tantau, Walter Fawcett, Emil Languetin and Percy Mott started would have been a race. But yesterday they displayed little of their old-time speed and wind in the 30 to 40 year old class. Orlando Stevens started in the 40 to 50 class and finished last, even Jack Cunningham leading him to the wire by a big margin. This class produced a popular winner in "Bob" Terrill, who rode with all his old-time grace, and won handily, with Mike Lynn and "Trilby" Fowler trailing him home.