Albert H. Russ

From Wooljersey

Albert Herman Russ - February 1859 - March 24, 1906

Brother of Robert R. Russ


The century run, made by four of the Columbia League Wheelmen a few days ago, was full of incidents. The four "100 mile per day runners of the wheel" were W. B. Wegener, M. D. Garratt, A. H. Russ and Robert Russ. Neither one brought the "laurels" home excepting the last named of the four, who was fortunate enough to reach Oakland on his wheel, though darkness overtook him. W. Wegener would have carried the laurels to the city also, but owing to a mishap to his wheel Menlo Park was, therefore, destined to be ample for that day. Garratt and A. Russ loitered too much on the road to cyclometer that distance in one day (San Jose), so had to be content in making it in two days, which they heroically claim to have done. The last which the twain saw of Bob Russ on their down trip was at Menlo Park, when he began to spurt, which lengthened the distance too much for the twain followers. San Jose was reached at 11:40 A. M. by the single individual, whereas, Garratt and A. Russ passed the electric mast at 1:10 P. M. After registering at the hotel, it now being 3 o'clock, the terrible return trip was begun by the Alameda side against a perfect gale. When San Lorenzo was reached total darkness reigned and stiff breeze was blowing, which so disheartened the twain enthusiastic 'cyclers that the sponge was thrown up, and they returned to San Francisco by train on the following day.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Apr 1888