Alpha Cycling Club

From Wooljersey


San Francisco, CA, Mission district


The club has adopted as its emblem the Greek letter "G,"


  • Mrs. Keller
  • Miss May Wynne
  • Miss McCarthy
  • Miss Annie Pendergast
  • Mrs. Smith
  • Miss Vermeil
  • Mrs. H. F. Wynne
  • Mrs. Yocum

The Alpha Cycling Club is the name of a ladies' wheeling organization recently formed in the Mission, with the following officers: Mrs. Keller, president; Miss May Wynne, vice-president; Miss McCarthy, secretary; Miss Annie Pendergast, treasurer; Miss Vermeil, sergeant-at-arms; Mrs. H. F. Wynne, captain; Mrs. Smith, first lieutenant; Mrs. Yocum, second lieutenant. The club has adopted as its emblem the Greek letter "G," and starts off with a membership of twenty-two. Meetings are held each Wednesday evening at the rooms of the California Cycling Club, through the courtesy of that organization. This morning at 8 o'clock the club will have a run to the park and Cliff House, and to-morrow at the same hour another to the Presidio.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895