Austin A. Sperry

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BIRTH 11 SEP 1872 • Stockton, San Joaquin, California - DEATH 18 JUL 1955 • Alameda County, California, USA

Brother of Horace B. Sperry


Bay City Wheelmen

The next race was a two-mile safety handicap race, which had seven starters. W. W. Needham won the race in 5 min. 45 4-5 sec, C. L. Davis of the Garden Citys coming in second. The placing in this race was as follows: E. E. Stoddard of the Bay Citys, 75 yards; T. R. Lillie of Oak Leaf, 100 yards; Isadore Marshutz of Oak Leaf, 100 yards; W. W. Needham of Garden Citys, 100 yards; H. B. Sperry of Bay Citys, 125 yards; C. K. Melrose of Bay Citys, 125 yards, and C. L. Davis of Garden Citys, 135 yards.


The next race was one mile, safety, handicap, with seven starters, handicapped as follows: Toepke, B. C., 50 yards; Tarleton, G. C., 60 yards; Melrose, B. C, 60 yards; Davis, G. C., 65 yards; H. B. Sperry, B. C., 75 yards; Austin Sperry, 85 yards; Hansen of the Orientals, 100 yards. The race was won by Austin Sperry in 2 min. 43 2-5 seconds, H. B. Sperry second.

San Francisco Call, Volume 72, Number 35, 5 July 1892 - Bicycle Races in Various Parts of the State