BAY CITY SMOKER - The San Francisco Call - January 24, 1900

From Wooljersey


Wheelmen Celebrate the Sixteenth Anniversary of Their Club.

The sixteenth anniversary of the organization of the Bay City Wheelmen was celebrated by a smoker last Saturday evening. Some two hundred members and ex-members were present and enjoyed a splendid programme. William C. Hull presented the club with several comical silk banners, caricaturing the days of the old ordinary bicycle. The members were entertained with songs, recitations, etc., by the following well-known talent: Captain Leale, ex-Sheriff Whelan, Dr. W. H. Sieberst, Dr. Thomas L. Hill, Jack Holland, Frank Coffin, Plymouth Quartet, Frank Thompson, Lal Schwartz, Rincon Quartet, John T. Desmond, Kid Nelson, M. Scanlan, Benjamin D. Coonley, Will Finnie, Mr. Ogilvie and Bob Mitchell. A number of specially invited guests were present, among whom were Captain Truebridge, Purser Menzies and Dr. Thompson, all of the U. S. transport Oylmpia. Dan O'Callaghan acted as chairman of the ceremonies, and the club members, who all worked hard for the reception, will remember the sixteenth anniversary as the most successful ever given by the club.