BICYCLE NOTES. - San Jose Mercury-news, 31 July 1892

From Wooljersey


The New Track Nearing Completion. The Coming Tournament

The Garden City Cyclers are having the work on their new track, just south of the junction of First and Second streets and opposite the Pratt Home, pushed as rapidly as possible.

The track will be one of the finest in the State. It will be a quarter-mile track with a radius of 100 feet. The turns will be banked five feet. The surface of the track will be of pulverized slate rock. A grand stand, with a seating capacity of 2500, is to be erected at a cost of about $500. The track will cost $800.

The inaugural races are to be held on Admission Day. In the forenoon there will be a parade and the exercises will be held in the afternoon. All clubs except Los Angeles will be represented. Over $200 will be offered for prizes and there will be from six to nine events. One of the principle events will be a safety race between State "crack" men. There will also be an athletic exhibition, the entries to be opened on the ground.

In the evening a ball will be given at the St. James Hotel.

The club took a run to Los Gatos Friday night.

San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XLII, Number 31, 31 July 1892