Bouton's Return. - Oakland Tribune, 03 Oct 1888

From Wooljersey

Bouton's Return.

A. A. Bouton, the wheelman who left this city at 3 o'clock yesterday morning for a trip to Mount Hamilton to establish the record, returned last night at 10:50 o'clock, having made the trip in less than twenty hours. The following is his time card:

Going - Left City Hall at 3 A. M.. reached Centerville at 5:45 A. M., San Jose 7:56 A. M., Smith's Creek 11:15 A.M., Lick Observatory 1:50 P. M. He remained there ten minutes, and on the return reached Smith's Creek 3:11 P. M., San Jose Junction 5:45 P. M., Centerville 7:37 P. M., Haywards 9:17 P. M., and City Hall at 10:50 P. M. On the road he stopped four times for meals.