Charles A. Beiderman

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With Tinkler [Finkler] of the San Franciscos, Adcock of the Bay City Wheelmen and Biederman, the great unwashed, the championship ought to prove a very interesting affair.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 May 1887

During the following year, however, several records went under, and this season has gone on record as one of the most successful in the history of the Division. The annual meet of that year was held in Santa Cruz, on July 4th. This place had been agreed upon after much discussion, for Sacramento had been very anxious to obtain the meet, but the intense heat then prevailing in the Capital City induced the wheelmen to choose Santa Cruz as the more desirable spot. The races were held at the mile horse-track, [about here according to this and this - MF] some distance from the heart of the city, but in spite of this fact, there was quite a large attendance. The programme comprised the mile novice, the one-mile Division championship, the ten-mile Division championship, a half-mile scratch, a one mile handicap, and a five-mile handicap. On this occasion, for the first time on the Pacific Coast, the mile was ridden under three minutes, and the meeting was long famous for the records established. George H. Adams first lowered the mile record to 2 minutes and 55 2-5 seconds in the novice race. W. G. Davis cut it down to 2:52 in the mile championship, and C. A. Beiderman cut it down still further by riding it in 2:50 1-5. The three-mile record was lowered to 9:28 3-5 by A. S. Ireland, who started from scratch in the handicap race. W. G. Davis, starting from scratch in the five-mile handicap race, distanced all his competitors, and placed the records for two, four, and five miles at 6:17 1/2, 12:42, and 15:49, respectively.

The Wheel in California - Overland Monthly Vol. XXII July - December 1893