Charles K. Melrose

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One mile safety novice - C. H. Patterson, O. L. W.; F. S. Munn, G. C. C.; E. C. Tarleton, O. L. W.; Isadore Marschutz, unattached; C. L. Davis, G. C. C.; Austin Sperry. unattached; L. E. Marsh, B. C. W.; C. K. Melrose, B. C. W.; G. L. Hall, B. C. W.; W. H. Toepke, B. C. W.


Two-mile safety, handicap - R. W. Turner, unattached; E. C. Tarleton, G. C. C.; T. R. Lillie, O. L. W.; Isadore Marschutz, unattached: W. W. Needham, G. C. C.; C. L. Davis, G. C. C.; L. E. Marsh, B. C. W.; C. K. Melrose, B. C. W.; E. E. Stoddard, B. C. W.; H. B. Sperry, B. C. W. W. Toepke, B. C. W.; A. Alcayaga, O. C. C.


One mile safety handicap - C. H. Patterson, O. L. W.; R. W. Turner, F. C. Hanson, unattached; E. S. Munn, E. C. Tarleton, W. W. Needham, C. L. Davis, G. C. W.; Austin Sperry, unattached; L. E. Marsh, C. K. Melrose, E. E. Stoddard, H. B. Sperry, C. N. Langton, G. L. Hall, W. H. Toepke, B. C. W.; A. Alcayaga, O. B. C.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Jose Road Club and Its Members. - General Interest in the Race Meets to Be Held To-Day - High Jinks in the Redwoods. - Mon, Jul 4, 1892 - Page 8 · The San Francisco Call

Stockton, July 4th - The race meeting of the California division of the League of American Wheelmen to-day was largely attended and the contests were exciting. The racers were of the Bay City Wheelmen, Capitol City Wheelmen, Garden City Cyclers, Oriental Cycling Club and Oak Leaf Wheelmen of this city. Chief Consul Arthur H. Wright was referee, Sanford Plummer was starter, and A. J. Storey, G. P. Wetmore and F. A. Eckstrom judges. The timers were Edwin Mohrig, D. T. Creanor and C. F. Hutchinson. The first race was the one-mile safety novice, with eight starters. C. K. Melrose of the Bay City Wheelmen won the race in 2 minutes 44 4-5 seconds, W. H. Toepke of the same club being second.

San Francisco Call, Volume 72, Number 35, 5 July 1892 - Bicycle Races in Various Parts of the State

Fred Cook and Will Toepke of the Bay City Wheelmen will launch their new yacht in about two weeks. For crew they have selected Messrs. Melrose, Plummer, Toepke, Hallett, Kerrigan and Sheldon, all members of the Bay City Wheelmen.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle - 05 Jan 1895, Sat - Page 12

Tandems are the fad of this year, and many prominent wheelmen are talking of riding the two-header. Among them may be mentioned Chief Consul Charles K. Melrose and his wife, ex-secretary-treasurer of the league, W. H. Toepke, and his sister, and also J. B. Carey and wife of San Jose. Undoubtedly tandems will be much sought for this season.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - Track to Be Used in the Tournament. - A Matter of Interest to Racers. - San Francisco Chronicle, 19 Jan 1895

Chief Consul Melrose has appointed the Golden West Hotel of this City as the league hotel for San Francisco. All league members will be given a rate of $1.25 a day upon presenting their membership cards.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 71, 10 August 1895