Christopher Sorenson

From Wooljersey


California Cycling Club

The remarkable feat of riding a double century, which, interpreted by a cycler, means 200 miles, has often been discussed by the local wheelmen, but never before attempted until last Sunday, when it was accomplished by Christopher Sorenson. His time was 14 hours 14 1/2 minutes. Sorenson was born in Denmark, and is 35 years old. He weighs 155 pounds. He rode a twenty-pound light roadster, geared to eighty, which stood the trip fully as well as the rider.

The ride, which was fully explained in last Monday's Chronicle was made without any training whatever, and as for having a rub down, Sorenson claims it retards rather than assists him. He has been riding a wheel but one year, and is fully confident that the time he made can be reduced by fully one-half hour.

In the event that any one should be so fortunate as to reduce this time, Sorenson stands ready to add another 100 miles to the distance, thus making it a triple century. His ability to accomplish this seems unquestionable. When he made the trip he was an unattached rider but after his ride he became convinced of the need of affiliating with some club, and hence his name now appears enrolled in the membership book of the California Cycling Club.

Sorenson's accredited time for the first 100 miles stands at 5h 58m. In the recent relay race held on April 7th over the same course, in which a fresh rider was furnished every ten miles and each rider had been selected solely on account of his great speed, the combined efforts of these ten men beat the present record holder by only 1h, 1m, 13s.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle 15 Jun 1895