Cycle Men Banquet. - The San Francisco Call, July 21, 1899

From Wooljersey

Cycle Men Banquet.

The members of the Cycle Board of Trade sat down to their annual banquet last night at the Viticultural restaurant on Pine street. The affair was a particularly enjoyable one, spiced with speech and song, and the members of the board entered heartily into the spirit of the occasion.

James H. Hamilton officiated as toast-master and "Jimmie," as the boys famillarly term him, made everybody who sat around the big table sing a song or tell the sad story of their lives.

The following were present: James H. Hamilton, Frank McLaughlan, Joseph Holle, W. J. Kenney, H. Nagle, Edward Rener, G. W. Peyton, J. W. Cornell, C. F. Martwell, W. B. Morill and M. C. Baker. The following bicycle companies were also represented: White Sewing Machine Company, Pacific Novelty and Shipping Company, Optic & Brown, Manson Cyclery, Morgan & Wright, Leavitt & Bill, E. C. Stearns & Co., Devany, Hopkins & Co.; Pope Manufacturing Company, Goodrich & Co., Yosemite Cycle Company and Obenhauser & Hurley.