DENVER CYCLERS AT A SMOKER. - The San Francisco Call - June 03, 1898

From Wooljersey



An Enjoyable and Pleasant Evening Spent in the Local Club-Rooms.

"Well, great Scott!

Rah, rah, rah!

Zip, boom, ah!

Bay City Wheelmen, ha, ha, ha!"

"Wheels, wheels, X Y Z!

Tiger, tiger!

D W C!"

When a few hundred lusty-lunged wheelmen shout these cries there is a likelihood that people in the immediate neighborhood will hear them, and that the cries were heard was evidenced by the large crowd that gathered in the vicinity of the Bay City Wheelmen's Club rooms on Golden Gate avenue last evening.

The heroes of century runs and many spills held a smoker last night and invited thereto about twenty-five of the visiting volunteers who are members of the Denver Cycling Club. The visitors have enjoyed the hospitality of the Red Cross and received a cordial greeting along the line of march, but both pale into insignificance to the rousing reception the knights of the silent steed received at the hands of the Bay City boys. Red and blue lights were burned outside in honor of the guests and the jinks-room was splendidly decorated with flags and bunting. Suspended from the wall were knapsacks and other military trappings, giving the room a martial appearance.

Everything was done to give the Coloradoans an enjoyable evening. Refreshments, cigars, cigarettes and pipes were passed around, and as they smoked and drank they listened to sweet singing, cleverly told yarns and instrumental music which made them for the time forget the dangers ahead of them and maybe the loved ones at home.

Judge Dunne, an old and honored member of the club, in the absence of Judge Frank H. Kerrigan, made a speech of welcome in which he voiced the sentiments of the club. His remarks were greeted with enthusiasm and the following programme was rendered: Piano solo, R. A. Cunha; violin solo, Gus Fleisner; stories by the only "Bob" Mitchell; ditto, J. Cathcart; song, Gus Unzer; Italian impersonations, John Holland; everything, Eddy Sweeney; "Casey at the Bat," Thomas L. Hill; black art; zither solo, Mr. Regensberger; recitation, Otto Heynemann.

Among the guests last night was Lieutenant Hawley, who held the championship of Idaho during the past season. Other noted wheelmen were there and they were made to feel at home by the jolly winners of this year's relays.