Francis Joseph H. Manning

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Frank Joseph H Manning
BIRTH 7 SEPTEMBER 1865 • San Francisco, California, United States
DEATH 18 JANUARY 1920 • San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States


San Francisco Bicycle Club

Every wheelman in the city who knows Captain Frank Manning of the San Francisco club, will be sorry for the affliction that befell him on Friday in the loss of his father, who was killed at his home in Sonoma County. Frank left yesterday to be present at the funeral. His absence from the city is indefinite and the riders of the San Francisco club will miss him.

Bay City Wheelmen's picnic run to Lake Honda, April 13, 1890, San Francisco

On the evening of July 3d Captains Manning and Drake of the San Francisco and Oakland clubs have agreed to hold a joint run to San Jose, where the annual meet will be held on the Fourth. The night will be moonlight, and it is anticipated that a large number will turn out on account of the double attraction of the meet and the full moon. The run will be continued on to Mount Hamilton on the 5th, and the return probably made by train.

THE WHEEL. - A New Club-House for the San Franciscos. - Sun, Jun 8, 1890 - Page 3 - The San Francisco Call