Frank Blinn

From Wooljersey

Frank Lincoln Blinn 1861 – 14 December 1918

Brother of Frederick Gilmore Blinn


Last evening the following bicycle riders met in the Hall of Records for the purpose of organizing a new bicycle club in Oakland: Guy Earl, C. L. Tisdale, Robert Edgar, R. H. Magill, Jr., L. Sears, W. W. Haralson, W. J. Bowman, L. A. Kelly, Jr., Charles Biederman, Frank Blinn, Julias Lutgen, Alex. Ireland and J. D. Arkison. An election of officers resulted in the following choice: President, Guy Earl; Vice-President, C. L. Tisdale; Secretary and Treasurer, Robert Edgar. Road Officers - R. H. Magill, Jr., Captain, and L. Sears, Lieutenant. A uniform was adopted, which consists of dark shoes, navy-blue knit pants and coat with initial letters of club on coat-collar, white flannel shirt with blue trimmings and black helmet.

CYCLISTS. - Election of Officers of a New Bicycle Club. - Oakland Tribune, 23 Sep 1886

Frank Blinn of Oakland, after a two months stay in Nevada, has returned home. It is hoped that he will be seen on the road soon again.

The Bicycle. - The San Francisco Examiner, 11 Apr 1887