Harry A. Greene

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San Francisco Bicycle Club


The advantages to be gained by organization are manifold. By the concerted action of the members of the San Francisco Club, headed by the indefatigable Harry Greene, the broker, the Park roads have been made available to wheelmen, while in Oakland a nonsensical street ordinance prohibiting their use has been repealed. The members make frequent trips into the country, and sometimes find it advantageous to take the train on their way home. For a long time none but express trains would stop for them, and then their wheels were rated at the highest rates for local express, while dirty sportsmen, returning from hunts down the road, were received on every train, and their ill-smelling trophies and ugly, barking dogs passed as baggage. Harry Greene, single-handed, waged a long battle to have the unjust discrimination lifted, and at last, in a fit of desperation, made out a blank order declaring that wheelmen should have the same privileges as sportsmen, and sent it to Charles Crocker, who capitulated to this bold proceeding and signed it on the spot. During the first four years of the San Francisco Club's existence Ralph de Clairmont was its President, and during the first three years G. Loring Cunningham was the Captain, succeeded by Herman C. Eggers in the fourth year. Columbus Waterhouse has held the office of President for the last five years, and during that time the successive list of Captains is composed of Herman C. Eggers, Charles A. Butler, Henry London, Herman C. Eggers and Harry G. Greene.


Its present membership is as follows : Ralph de Clairmont, Herman C. Eggers, George J. Hobe, Chas. L. Leonard, Charles A. Butler, Columbus Waterhouse, Fred Waterhouse, Henry C. Finkler, [Finckler] Alfred H. Cables, John B. Martin, Henry London, James W. Kerr, Morris Feintuch, Frank A. McLaughlin, John W. Gibson, Robt. T. Verrinder, Henry L. Chambers, John C. Quinn, Geo. R. Butler, Henry R. Judah, J. W. Winter, Walter S. Kelley, Walter E. Slack, Harry A. Greene, Isaac Ehrenberg, James A. White, Frank A. Osborn, Jason W. Nash, James Sanderson, Frederick W. Gibson and John F. M. McCarthy. The Club uniform is neat and tasteful, consisting of a dark-brown Parole jacket, knee breeches and stockings, and black cap with visor. The Club colors are blue and white.


San Francisco Bicycle Club on San Leandro Road between San Leandro and Milpitas; H.A. Greene, Captain. Undated. (California Historical Society) via Timeline


Harry Greene once had a more humiliating, if not so tragical an experience, for he undertook to make a solitary run to Belmont when the roads were muddy, and took a header into a mud-puddle by the roadside, losing his machine so successfully in the mudhole where he capsized that it took a band of farm-hands half an hour to locate and extricate it.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885