J. Grindley

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John Hudson Grindley 30 March 1848 – Deceased


One of the most prosperous organizations of the kind in the State is the Acme Athletic and Wheeling Club of Oakland. It was founded nine years ago with a dozen charter members, and to-day has 250 names in good standing on its rolls. In fact, the clubrooms are now so crowded that the directors are looking for larger and more convenient quarters. The present officers of the club are as follows: W. Sharp, president; J. J. Hannifin, vice-president; J. Grindley, treasurer; A. Swain, secretary; H. H. Snow; financial secretary; E. Dawdle, leader; directors - H. A. Maxwell, J. Kitchen, H. A. Sloper, A. J. Patterson, George Stultz, J. W. Finigan. The Bicycle Annex was formed on July 20, 1891, and has a membership of 40. The officers are: George F. Neece, captain; B. C. Lund, lieutenant; H. A. Maxwell, secretary; O. I. Packard, bugler.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - San Francisco Call - May 9, 1892

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