Louis Paul Desimone

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Louis Paul Desimone 30 November 1868 – 3 May 1956

Brother of Joseph Anthony Desimone


San Jose Road Club

The San Jose Road Club has elected the following officers: S. W. Hitchman, president; L. P. Desimone, vice-president; C. E. Pomeroy, lieutenant. The former president, Mr. Al Louis, has gone to Monterey County, and vice and lieutenant A. M. Hobson gave up his offices on account of business. The next road race of the club will be held on November 27. First prize, gold medal; second prize, bicycle shoes: time, silver medal. The club will also have a number of men on the track on Thanksgiving day, among whom are Osen, Ziegler, Suttich and Jamison.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE - Grant Bell Wins the Road Race of the Acme Club. - Preparations for the Thanksgiving Day - Events at San Jose - Close of the League Campaign. - The San Francisco Call, 14 Nov 1892