CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE - Grant Bell Wins the Road Race of the Acme Club. - Preparations for the Thanksgiving Day - Events at San Jose - Close of the League Campaign. - The San Francisco Call, 14 Nov 1892

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Grant Bell Wins the Road Race of the Acme Club.

Preparations for the Thanksgiving Day
Events at San Jose - Close of the League Campaign.

The twenty-five-mile road race of the Acme Club of Oakland was run yesterday over the San Leandro triangle, and proved to be the event of the season so far as time over a country highway is concerned. There were seven starters, as follows: Grant Bell, Faulkner, Pickard and Bouton, scratch; Harris, seven minutes; Cobley and Smith, eleven minutes. On the first lap of the triangle (eight and one-third miles) Bouton fell out, and as the end of the second lap was reached it was plainly seen that Bell, Pickard and Faulkner outclassed the other men, who showed signs of exhaustion. On the homestretch Grant Bell drew away from all his competitors, finishing a good first in 1 hour 20 min. 43 sec., beating the coast record made by Foster last Sunday in the Bay City's race. Harris was second and Pickard third. Foster's time over the same course was 1 hour 21 min. 10 sec., both this and Bell's score being near the American record for the distance. It is only fair to say, however, that Foster was not pushed. Although he was the only scratch man and some of the others were given ten minutes' limit he easily won both the race and the time prize. Bell's friends will be glad to know that he is again in good form. Grant and Walter are an almost invincible team and Varney can afford to wear a rooster in his hat.

The San Jose Road Club has elected the following officers: S. W. Hitchman, president; L. P. Desimone, vice-president; C. E. Pomeroy, lieutenant. The former president, Mr. Al Louis, has gone to Monterey County, and vice and lieutenant A. M. Hobson gave up his offices on account of business. The next road race of the club will be held on November 27. First prize, gold medal; second prize, bicycle shoes: time, silver medal. The club will also have a number of men on the track on Thanksgiving day, among whom are Osen, Ziegler, Suttich and Jamison.

The race meet of the Garden City Cyclers at San Jose on Thanksgiving day promises to be a great success. Most of the best men in the State have entered in one or more of the following events: One half-mile safety novice; one mile safety scratch, 2:45 class; one mile ordinary handicap: one mile safety scratch, open; two mile safety handicap; one hundred yard salety slow race; five-mile safety scratch.

There should be a large attendance from this city and Alameda, for the San Jose boys are always ready to lend a helping hand to insure the success of meets up this way. Genial George Osen, who is now riding a relay Columbia, will throw down the gauntlet to all comers, as the champion of the home club.

W. A. Dexter, C. C. W., vice-president of the California Association of Cycling Clubs, is in the city. He will be missed at the capital.

The Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club will give a ball in the pavilion in Cycle Park on next Monday evening. A big attendance is already assured. By the way, the members of the ladies' annex of this club, nearly fifty in number, have joined the League of American Wheelmen. Wouldn't it be well to change this name to the league of American cyclists. Even lady wheelmen have rights which should be respected.

Stuart Hight is now managing the Pacific Coast branch of the Overman Wheel Company. P. H. Bernays still lingers in the East, confident that his interests are well cared for.

There was a progressive euchre party on Friday evening at the rooms of the San Francisco Bicycle Club on Golden Gate avenue.

Thomas R. Knox has been elected as the representative of the San Francisco Bicycle Club in the board of officers of the California division of the League of American Wheelmen.

To-morrow is the last day on which to vote for League officers. On Wednesday the vote will be counted, and a very exciting contest brought to a peaceful conclusion. Whatever the result may be, the agitation has certainly benefited the organization on this coast, and it is safe to predict that those who, in the heat of the campaign, seemed to forget that their opponents were gentlemen and fellow wheelmen will live to regret their hasty utterances,

A lady correspondent is inclined to doubt the statement made last week that Mrs. Best made a century-going to San Jose and returning the same day. There is no doubt about the matter. The lady rode a Swift and deserves credit for her pluck in riding through the darkness to the cyclery, which she reached at 10:30 P. M.

The ocean beach at low tide affords a ten-mile ride unequaled in the world. But you must time your trip by the nautical almanac or walk home through weary miles of heavy sand.

Frank Waller, the "flying Dutchman," is in Chicago. He says he will train for the great road races in England and France next year.