Myron A. Whidden

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Acme Wheelmen

A number of the athletes of the Acme Athletic Club held a meeting at the clubrooms last night and formed the Acme Bicycle Club. The following signed the roll: Charles Bowman, E. S. Dowdle, S. S. Fogarty, J. J. Hanifin, L. A. Lamory, B. C. Leslie, H. A. Maxwell, G. F. Mier, O. L. Pickard, Steven Rice, T. F. Scanlon, F. W. Sharpe, H. N. Sloper, D. C. Van Court, M. A. Whidden, B. Ferris.

1891/07/22 ACME WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune

President Myron Whidden of the Acme Club has been strayed in the roles of hie office and now, 28 he walks down Broadway, he feels the importance of his new position. Myron is just the man for the place. It may be esid, however, that he has a hard man to follow in the person of ex-President Jere Hanifin.

President Myron Whidden 20 Sep 1893, Wed Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California)