National Road Club

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The emblem chosen is a six-inch five-pointed red star.



The Guardsmen Who Are Bicycle Riders Have Organized.

The members of Companies C and G. First Regiment of the National Guard of California who are bicycle riders have organized the National Road Club and elected the following officers: President, Captain E. C. Sutliffe; vice-president, W. F. Hanrahan; secretary, L. H. F. McKee; treasurer, C. P. Le Breton.

The membership is limited to active and veteran members of the two companies named. J. F. Norton was chosen captain of the club, William Menzel first and H. F. Hicks second lieutenant. The emblem chosen is a six-inch five-pointed red star. The first run of the club will be this evening, when it will take part in the wheelmen's great parade in behalf of good roads and better streets. The club starts out with twenty names on the membership roll.

NATIONAL ROAD CLUB - The San Francisco Call, 23 May 1895

Last Saturday afternoon a number of the members of the new bicycle club, the National Road Club, composed of cyclists of the C and G companies of the First Regiment, N. G. C., took a run down to San Jose, starting from Fruitvale. It was a pleasure outing and not a test for determining the speed of the members, so they took their time and reached the Garden City in three hours and a half. On the following day they took a spin to Glenwood, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and on Sunday evening returned to the City. The new club is captained by J. F. Norton.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895