Otto Tum Suden

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Otto tum Suden July 1855 – Deceased

Otto tum Suden, a lawyer, was married to Caroline Christine Louise Medau, daughter of John P. Medau. John P. Medau was father of John H. Medau, whose J. H. Medau dairy was offered to the city of Oakland as park land, but which is now the neighborhood of Montclair. See this bit about J. P. Medau's will.


The complaint of Otto tum Suden, filed with the Supervisors, is merely a boiling over of the general feeling of dissatisfaction prevailing among the thousands of wheelmen in this city against certain restrictions imposed by the Golden Gate Park Commissioners. They can't see why they should be discriminated against in the use of the Park roads, and the doling out of little favors by the Park Commissioners no longer satisfies them that their inherent rights are not unduly invaded.

RIGHTS OF THE HORSE AND THE BICYCLE ON PARK ROADS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 10 Sep 1894

Now comes Otto Tum Suden with the proposition that the Park Commissioners cannot make and enforce ordinances, and that the Supervisors should do so, and the cyclists are inclined to fly to arms in assertion of what they deem their rights. The question of the authority of the Park Commissioners to make ordinances at their will and impose penalties for their violation has never been tested in the higher courts. The Legislature, in creating the commission, expressly conferred on the Board of Park Commissioners the authority to make all needful regulations, and declared that any violation of those regulations should be a misdemeanor. Under that law the commission has passed many ordinances, and with the aid of the Park police and the Police Courts has always successfully enforced them. Hundreds of people have forfeited bail or paid small fines without disputing the legality of the ordinances imposing the penalties.

BICYCLISTS HAVE RIGHTS. - What Is More, They Are Getting Ready to Maintain Them. - The San Francisco Examiner, 13 Sep 1894