Pathfinder Bicycle Club

From Wooljersey


San Francisco, CA



The Gentlemanly Pathfinders and Sightseekers Club of this city has organized a safety bicycle annex to its club, and is making most wonderful strides under the leadership of Professor T. W. Flanagan of Dunkirk, N. Y. They have a number of members and expect to be heard from in racing circles before long.

San Francisco Chronicle - 19 Sep 1892


The Pathfinder Bicycle Club, a new organization, has elected the following officers: President, Thomas W. Flanagan: Vice-President, John Brady; Treasurer, William Levy; Recording Secretary, William Howard; Corresponding Secretary, William Zanders; Captain, Robert McCord: Assistant Captain, Charles Delaney: Bugler, William Miller; Board of Directors, Charles Stanforth, James Carpenter, Ben Gordon, William Vickery, H. Hayes and Ed Buckley. The Pathfinders have steadily increased in membership since organization, and now have fifty names on their roll. A run to Redwood City will be taken shortly. Application for membership to the Association of American Wheelmen is to be made.

The San Francisco Examiner - 02 Oct 1892

The well-known Pathfinder Club of this city had its first run since the late stormy weather on Thursday last to the Six-mile House, under the leadership of President Flanagan, Captain McCord being unavoidably absent. Fifteen members participated. Good progress was made, considering the roughness of the road. Upon reaching their destination an excellent collation was partaken of, which was thoroughly enjoyed. On the return trip several short spurts were indulged in, in which the genial treasurer, Mr. Levy, acquitted himself with distinction. On Thursday the Pathfinders will have a run to Haywards, weather permitting.

The San Francisco Call - 16 Jan 1893