San Mateo Wheelmen

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San Mateo, CA



The members of the San Francisco Bicycle Club on Sunday started for a club picnic at Crystal Springs. The start was made from Mission and Twenty-first streets. The grounds were reached shortly after 12 M., and lunch was at once served. In the afternoon a run was made farther up the canyon, where a couple of hours were pleasantly passed. This is the first club run at which Captain Houseworth assumed command. The following were present: Houseworth, Captain: C. A. McDonald, First Lieutenant; Charles B. Wheaton, Second Lieutenant: O. C. Haslett, B. C. Austin Jr., Beverly Letcher, A. M. Brown, F. A. McLaughlin, Benjamin H. Patrick, H. C. Finkler, William Day, and Messrs. Knapp and Donnelly of the San Mateo County Wheelmen. The return as made at 3:45 P. M.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Aug 1886

At the foot of Broadway, on the Oakland side, some thirty cyclists and a large number of spectators were awaiting the arrival of the San Francisco contingent, and Stevens became the center of an admiring group on landing. At 10 o'clock precisely the bicyclists to the number of 150 formed in line and started on their trip in the following order, riding two and two: Chief Consul R. M. Welch and Thomas Stevens; Representatives of Divisions Beiderman and Booth; Representative Harrison and Secretary of League Haslett: Vice-Consul Mohrig and Consul Bowman of Oakland, Captain Meeker, B. C. W. and Captain Houseworth. S. F. B. C.; Captain Tisdall, Oakland Ramblers, and Captain Donnelly, San Mateo Wheelmen; members of the Senior League Club, Bay City Wheelmen, in command of Lieutenant James; San Francisco Bicycle Club, in command of Lieutenant McDonald; Oakland Ramblers, in command of Lieutenant Havens; San Mateo Wheelmen, in command of Lieutenant Knapp: Highland Park Wheelmen, in command of Captain Rosborough. The rear was brought up by a number of wheelmen who are not attached to any of the local clubs.

Thomas Stevens finishes his around-the-world bicycle journey in San Francisco, January 8, 1887.

D. W. Donnelly and S. H. Knapp of the San Mateo Wheelmen made the trip from Oak Grove to Gilroy and return on Sunday, the 22d inst. Cyclometers showed a total distance of 130 miles. Total time, sixteen and one-half hours, of which two and three-fourths hours were spent off the wheels in rests, making the actual time thirteen and one-half hours. For forty miles from San Jose up they rode against a head wind, and between San Jose and Gilroy they had fifteen miles of very bad road. Certainly a very creditable performance. Donnelly wants it understood that this was a club run.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 May 1887