THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 03 Oct 1888

From Wooljersey


Notes of Interest among the Local Bikers.

The star quartet, Messrs. Risdon, Davis, Buffington, and White, after an absence from the roads of some weeks, again made their appearance on safeties last Sunday. They took a trip to San Leandro and thence to Lake Chabot. Returning to this city they came by the way of Alameda. A pleasant day was spent by the riders and they report the roads in good condition.

The two Bruguire boys rode to San Jose and back Sunday. Although comparatively new riders they made very good time.

The wheels of the Oakland Cyclery were all rented last Saturday and Sunday. The interest in wheeling does not seem to abate. Riders can be seen on the streets in large numbers every Sunday and on moonlight evenings.

Next Sunday there will be an excursion of wheelmen to Haywards. All those who desire to take the trip will meet at Fourteenth street and San Pablo avenue at 10 o'clock. As the roads are in good condition a pleasant trip is anticipated.

George Arlett, who left for Calistoga two weeks ago, has not yet returned. No fears are entertained for his safety, as he rode a safety, and it is safe to say that he will return in good condition.

Stephen Rice has postponed his contemplated trip through the State until after the first rains.

Next Sunday the road will be measured for the coming ten mile race, which will take place in a few weeks. This race will be the third of a series of three, two of which have been won by members of the Bay City Club. New members will be entered this time, and Stockton riders will also compete.

Bliss of the Alameda Scorchers rode to Castro Valley last Sunday.

The Alameda Scorchers held a meeting at San Leandro Sunday, but no business of importance was transacted.

There is some talk of building a road from Livermore to Mount Hamilton. This road would pass through a very picturesque and prettily wooded country, well supplied with small game, and would therefore be a favorite route for sportsmen. The road would probably be made of gravel, which, when well packed down, makes an excellent wheeling surface, and would therefore be a delightful route for wheelmen. It could tap the present road near the summit, so that one might travel from San Francisco by one route via San Jose, and return on the other via Livermore, which would be an exceedingly pleasant two days' trip.