THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune - July 20, 1892

From Wooljersey


The Acme Boys Are Preparing for a Great Meeting.

The Acme boys have given notice that they will hold their annual meeting in this city in September. They propose to have the greatest meeting in the State this year. The speedy wheelmen from all the counties will be invited to participate in the races, and fine prizes will be awarded the winners.

Frank Waller, has gone into training to try and break the twenty-four hour record of 375 miles recently made by F. E. Spooner of Chicago, and to establish a new one of at least 400 miles.

An attempt is being made to form a new association in this State. The objects of the association are: To promote friendly relations among the clubs; and co-operation in all matters relating to the advancement of cycling and the work of the League of American Wheelmen.

To establish and contest championships, to be known as Pacific Coast championships - at distances other than those at which championships have been fixed by the League of American Wheelmen.

To assume control of, regulate and legislate for road racing in California, and to receive and pass upon all claims for records made on the road in competition or against time, at stated distances or between certain well-known points.

A meeting will be held at 501 Golden Gate avenue, San Francisco, July 30th, at 8 o'clock.