Verein Eintracht Cycling Annex

From Wooljersey


San Francisco, CA



Last Tuesday evening a new cycling club was organized among the cycling members of the Verein Eintracht, with headquarters at their hall, on Twelfth street, near Folsom. Nineteen members signed the charter roll and the following cyclers were elected as officers: President, W. Horstmeyer; vice-president, H. C. Frank; recording secretary, James Marshall; treasurer, Adolph Asmann; captain, Joseph Lynngreen; sergeant-at-arms, Charles Granz. The membership roll is composed of T. J. Lynngreen, W. Horstmeyer, C. Granz, J. F. Thomas, H. C. Frank, H. Ebenritter, J. Marshal, G. Beeler, A. Asmann, G. A. Walcom, F. Gelinos, W. Heinicke, G. Ungermann, Dr. F. G. Pless, E. Wagner, C. Goldsenic, C. Haas, G. J. Lacorbe and M. Lea. The best meeting will be held on April 11th, at which time a set of by-laws will be adopted.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, 06 Apr 1895